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Marta and Liset left Havana on May 13th. They knew they wanted to get to the US border, but they didn’t know how. There’s a legal loophole that grants automatic asylum to Cubans who make it to the border, a policy casually called “Wet Foot Dry Foot.”

They flew to Guyana. Liset was paying for the trip with money from Joey, her American boyfriend—a guy she’d met briefly back in January— and Marta had no money at all.

By the next day, they were in Brazil.

Liset wore her red Jordans and Marta worked her green dress through the Darian Gap, a roadless stretch of jungle connecting Colombia and Panama, & through 13 countries, 10 illegal border crossings, 6 planes, countless buses, and many miles on foot. They mixed with migration officials, narco traffickers, and a slew of other migrants from Bangladesh, Somalia, Haiti and Nepal, all trying to make it to the United States. 

In Costa Rica, Marta stayed behind and on July 2, Liset walked across the border into Brownsville, TX.


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