Post-Fidel Cuba is a place full of open contradictions. In recent years, the government has begun to move away from the Soviet-Style economic model that has marked its history for over 55 years. While it still clings to Socialist ideals, new Capitalist elements are being incorporated into society with a series of ever-evolving reforms. These experimental policies began in 2008 shortly after Raul Castro took power. Recently, a thaw in US-Cuba relations have been a catalyst for an influx of capitalism.

These photos document a time before the frenzy around normalizing relations with The United States. In 2012-2013 changes had already begun and an overlap between the old and new systems was emerging. The Revolution began to flicker as it kept hold in hidden corners of Cuban society. Here, we see where young Cubans carved new inroads for unknown futures. Unaware even, of the future transformations the island would see as it opened to its long-standing rival up north.

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